What My Clients Say...

Dr. Roberta (Bert) Boyden (veterinarian)

"It is with much gratitude that I write this testimonial for Dael. When my physician/acupuncturist referred me to her I had begun to feel I would never have relief from the pain I was having in the deep tissues of my hips and legs. I had tried a number of treatments with no real lasting relief. My exercise was restricted to swimming in warm water. I could only sleep on my back, propped up with pillows. Within a few weeks of her healing treatments and recommendations I was taking walks again and sleeping on my sides without pain. Two years later I walk/hike 10 miles a week, dance, garden, practice yoga and work out at the Y almost daily. I can also do my work (which involves kneeling, crawling and sitting on the floor), with ease and grace. Her continuing release of layers of restrictions has given me my body back and I truly feel as fit as I did in my 20s. Thank you, Dael, for your commitment to learning and sharing your healing with me and our community."

Sandy Holder (Pianist)

"Dael is an intuitive and truly gifted healer. She is skilled in a wide range of therapeutic modalities and brings this richness to her Myofascial Release practice. Her work has healed my work-related chronic pain and has allowed my body to correct itself in ways that prevent further injury. Working with her has been a huge factor in my general health and well-being.".

Lisa Young (Molecular Biologist)

"I have been a client of Dael's for a number of years. As a person with Parkinson's Disease, I retain a great deal of tension in my body. Myofascial release has been life changing - allowing me to move more freely, balance more easily, and discover alternative ways to move parts of my body that no longer move normally. I truly believe that myofascial release for me is equivalent to what is known as the "laying on of hands." Dael Parsons' education, knowledge of anatomy, her versatility and warm personality, as well as her incredibly skilled hands maker her a true healer. I always leave feeling better, both mentally and physically."

Barbara Gleason (Graphic Designer)

"It has been a fascinating journey for me to experience MFR treatments with Dael because it has allowed me far greater access to how my body compensated for injury or pain. Prior to experiencing MFR, I had what I would have considered a fairly accurate perception of body feedback. But, now the degree to which I get and heed what I feel is far more complex and useful to me. Dael suggests something to help facilitate such learning and I try it out and voila: I am able to feel my body in a new way which helps me avoid habitual patterns that put me back into discomfort and dis-ease. Over the past two years I have been helped to heal from a series of traumatic injuries: elbow and ankle breaks and chronic shoulder pain. I am now injury free for the most part, and it's partly due to the greater awareness I now have of my body."

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